Topics of Wilfried Gansterer (wilfried.gansterer (at) focus on various aspects of numerical algorithms. For these topics, interest in numerical algorithms and (large-scale) matrix computations as well as in high performance computing and parallel computing is usually required. You find a list of currently open topics below, but you can also contact me and suggest your own project idea!

  1. Efficient check-pointing for achieving fault tolerance in large-scale computations
  2. Fault tolerant iterative linear solvers
    1. Interpolation-based fault tolerance for the GMRES algorithm
    2. Exact state reconstruction for the GMRES algorithm
  3. Robustness and fault tolerance in (deep) neural networks
  4. Spectral divide-and-conquer algorithms for solving large-scale eigenvalue problems
  5. Crime prediction challenge: designing, implementing and evaluating a method for predicting time and location of criminal incidents based on historical data