The research group Theory and Applications of Algorithms focuses on the following research topics:

  • Efficient algorithms and data structures, and their applications
  • Algorithms engineering
  • Data mining in Computational Science
  • Reliable distributed algorithms and their application in practice
  • High performance/distributed numerical algorithms

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WWW 2022

The paper "Fair k-Center Clustering In MapReduce and Streaming Settings" appears at WWW 2022

SODA 2022

The paper "The Complexity of Average-Case Dynamic Subgraph Counting" appears at SODA2022

Prof. Dr. Monika Henzinger is the 2021 Wittgenstein Laureate. (Photo credit: FWF/Daniel Novotny)

With the project "MoDynStruct: The design of modern fully dynamic data structures", Prof. Dr. Monika Henzinger was able to acquire her second ERC Advanced Grant. The Faculty...