SEA 2020

The paper "High-Quality Hierarchical Process Mapping" by Marcelo Fonseca Faraj, Alexander van der Grinten, Henning Meyerhenke, Jesper Larsson Träff and Christian Schulz as...

SoCG 2020

The paper "Dynamic Approximate Maximum Independent Set of Intervals, Hypercubes and Hyperrectangles" by Monika Henzinger, Stefan Neumann and Andreas Wiese has been accepted...

STOC 2020

The paper "Towards a Better Understanding of Randomized Greedy Matching" by Zhihao Gavin Tang, Xiaowei Wu and Yuhao Zhang has been accepted at STOC 2020.


3 Papers Accepted at ALENEX 2020

The papers "Shared-Memory Branch-and-Reduce for Multiterminal Cuts" by Monika Henzinger, Alexander Noe and Christan Schulz, "Fully Dynamic Single-Source Reachability in...

Monika Henzinger receives Carus-Medal