Welcome to 3 new PhD students!

The TAA research group is happy to welcome three new PhD students: Ali Momeni, Éva Szilágyi, and Sophia Heck!


  Ali Momeni Mohammadabadi

Before joining the TAA group as a PhD student, I finished my master's at ENS de Lyon, France. My master's thesis focused on the algorithmic and computational complexity aspects of finding cuts of bounded degrees on different graph classes. My current research interests include algorithmic graph theory, structural graph theory, and optimization.


   Éva Szilágyi

I finished my master’s in Mathematics at Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). My master’s thesis focused on combinatorial discrepancy theory.  My current research interests include dynamic graphs, and more generally combinatorial optimization and its connection to discrete geometry and other fields of mathematics and computer science.


  Sophia Heck

I am a recent master's graduate from the University of Heidelberg and excited to start my PhD journey in the TAA group in Vienna. In my master's thesis, I investigated approximation algorithms for temporal vertex cover. My current research interests include algorithm design, graph theory, dynamic and temporal graph algorithms and algorithm engineering. I am enthusiastic about efficiently solving complex problems and look forward to contributing to the team.