The research group Theory and Applications of Algorithms focuses on the following research topics:

  • Efficient algorithms and data structures
  • Algorithmic mechanism design
  • Data mining in Computational Science
  • Reliable distributed algorithms and their application in practice
  • High performance/distributed numerical algorithms

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Int. J. of High Performance Computing Applications

The article »Resilient gossip-inspired all-reduce algorithms for high performance computing« by Marc Casas, Wilfried N. Gansterer and Elias Wimmer...

IPDPS 2018 Best Paper Award

The authors Daniel Funke, Sebastian Lamm, Peter Sanders, Christian Schulz, Darren Strash and Moritz von Looz received the best paper award at IPDPS 2018 for the paper ...


The paper "High-Quality Shared-Memory Graph Partitioning" by Yaroslav Akhremtsev, Peter Sanders and Christian Schulz has been accepted at Euro-Par 2018.

CAV 2018

The Paper "Symbolic Algorithms for Graphs and Markov Decision Processes with Fairness Objectives" by Krishnendu Chatterjee, Monika Henzinger, Veronika Loitzenbauer, Simin...

SEA 2018

Two papers have been accepted at SEA 2018.

GECCO 2018

Two papers have been accepted at GECCO 2018.

Springer Verlag

The Editorial Board of the book project "Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies" has accepted the manuscript »Graph Partitioning Formulations and Applications to Big Data« by...

ICAPS 2018

The paper "Algorithms and Conditional Lower bounds for Planning Problems" by Krishnendu Chatterjee, Wolfgang Dvorák, Monika Henzinger, Alexander Svozil has been accepted to...

Monika Henzinger is pc chair for the 50th ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing (STOC) 2018

Dr. Christian Schulz erhält Heinz-Billing-Preis 2017

Dr. Christian Schulz (Forschungsgruppe TAA & KIT) erhielt den Preis für sein Programmsystem "KaHIP – Karlsruhe High Quality Partitioning". Die Fakultät gratuliert.